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Welcome to Tales from the Tavern

Hail and well met traveler! Grab a drink and pull up a seat to listen to our tales!

We love D&D so much here at Nerdolopedia that we decided to stream ourselves playing so you could enjoy our shenanigans as well! We created this page to provide you more information about the worlds we are playing in, some of the background to our games, and information about the player characters. Here you will be able to see in action some of the content that our Dungeon Masters are working on and the worlds they have been crafting.

You can catch us live on our Twitch channel, Friday's at 9:30pm ET!




The world is filling with monsters and darkness. Creatures lurk around each corner and no one goes into the night alone. Left behind are the ruins of a long lost race known only as "The Illuna", a race of being that held great magical power but have seemingly vanished from existence. Wars are fought over the artifacts and ruins they left behind. What happened to them? Where did they go?


Campaigns, Arcs, and One-shots

coming soon: equipment list

We are working on compiling a list of all the equipment and software we use to stream our D&D games.