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While monetary support is fantastic in helping us improve our content (and one day making this our jobs) the greatest thing you can do to support us is to tell other people about us and interact with us via twitch, comments, social media, etc. Here are some buttons to share your support easier!


What is Discord?

It is a text based chat application that is available on all platforms. It supports voice and video chat, along with seperate channels and roles. It is a powerful application that has helped build up our community.

Our Discord is the place to hang out and be a part of the community! We have worked hard to integrate specific rules that enforce a comfortable and accepting environment. Come hang out with us and grow with us! Share our Discord link to bring even more people into the conversation! By joining you can get notified of times we are going live on twitch and updates to our various platforms.



Patreon is a voluntary subscription service that lets you choose how much to donate per month. You get rewards based on the teir that you subscribe at! You can contribute as much as you want per month and can change your subscription at any time.


One Time Donation

Do you want to support us with money? We have a PayPal account that you can give us a one time donation with no strings attached! This can help us pay for games for us to play or that new microphone that will make it so we don't sound like we are talking through a tin can.


Our Amazon Wishlist

We are always working on getting new items and equipment to improve the quality and entertainment value of our content. If you are more interested in grabbing something off our Amazon Wishlist for us, we will make sure to give you a shoutout when we get it!