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Partners and Sponsors

We would like to take the time to give a big thank you to the companies and groups that choose to support us. We hope that you will go and check out their groups and products as we believe that they are awesome! 


Humble Bundle


We are a proud partner of Humble Bundle, a digital distribution platform where a portion of the sales go directly to charity. It is a pay what you want system with the option of joining their monthly service to get a package of games each month. If you follow our link and make a purchase or subscribe you help us out as well!


Tabletop loot


If you enjoy playing tabletop games, especially the ones with dice, then you should definitely check out Tabletop Loot. They have some beautiful dice sets and are wonderful contributors to the tabletop gaming community. Go show them some love. You can also get 10% off a purchase by entering the code NerdoloDice on checkout. Go get some loot!

Tabletop Loot Logo.png

Worldbuilding Magazine


Worldbuilding Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which covers a variety of worldbuilding topics. Make sure to join their Discord or follow them on twitter for the latest news or to talk with the team that creates it. Go read about building worlds!


Want to be a Partner?

We are always looking for more partnerships and sponsors. Write us an email at with the subject of "Looking for a Partnership", and we will get in contact with you!