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A World of Monsters and Madness

There are many wonderous thing in our world. There are also just as many ways to get killed.
— Edward Borsk III, Monster Hunter of the Conclave of Itherion

The Fight for their home

The barriers between the planes of existance are weakening and monsters from other realms covet the Material Plane. The inhabitants of the Material Plane have to fight to survive as dark creatures creep into their lives killing loved ones and destroying their livelihoods. The people are not entirely defenseless utilizing magic from essense of the universe, arms forged from the body of the planet, and aid from the gods the claim dominion over the planes. People of all races and lifestyles have come together to protect their home and their future.

The Lost civilization

Scattered throughout the world are the remnants of a civilization all but forgotten. Their text causes madness upon reading and so very few have been able to decipher their written word. The artifacts they left behind contain power and magic that have the potential to cause wars. Scholars call them the "Illuna" as a sign of their enlightenment. What happened to their people is their greatest mystery.