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 Content curation guidelines


All submitted content must follow these rules:

  • Include - Credit to who created the original content and links to the suggested material. This helps us verify the content being submitted and makes it easier to access the suggested material.

  • Include - Content Warnings. Must be submitted so we can make our readers aware before consuming the content. This includes sexual themes, swearing, violence, etc.

  • Include - Collection. Our preferred content is collections from a given creator. We are not looking to curate individual videos or articles. We are attempting to find new reliable sources of content for our viewers.

  • Include - Value. The content must include information or an experience that adds value to the lives of our readers.

  • Include - Free Content. All content submitted to us must be free to access. If the content submitted is behind a paywall or is a product for purchase, the content will be immediately rejected. Groups that sell products are permitted given that a sizable amount of their online content is free to consume and follows all other guidelines.

  • Exclude - Account Required. The content submitted must be accessible without an account, free or paid. This includes signing up for mailing lists. If users are able to sign up for accounts for more interaction with the content, that is permitted (ex. YouTube, Twitch) however it cannot be required.

  • Exclude - Sexual Imagry. Nudity cannot be included in a visual format.

  • Exclude - Racism, Sexism, and Discrimination. Content that tries to tackle the foundational issues of these topics is permitted, but content that pushes racism, sexism, and other discrimination is not permitted.

  • Exclude - Short Lived Content. If a piece of content that you submit lasts only for a month then we are not looking to add it to the site. Submit with the assumption that whoever looks over what you submitted is looking at it at least a year from now.

  • Exclude - Social Media Accounts. We will not add an individual’s or group’s social media account as the content. Content that has a social media account is permitted.


On top of the basic guidelines, all Non-fiction content must follow these additional guidelines:

  • Include - Reliable Sources. The history of the content includes reliable sources. While we cannot check them all, we will be seeing if they include sources in a majority of their content.

  • Exclude - News. We are not looking for current events. If a source happens to include news but a majority of their content is not news then it will be permitted (say its a video on a recent scientific discovery, but happens to create mostly science education videos). News is notorious for being too fast paced and biased. This type of information is prone to mistakes and exaggerations that we do not wish to propogate.

Submittion guidelines

All requests should be sent to (or filled out in the form below) with the subject line “Suggested Content - [Name of Content]”.

Include the name, link, and creator of the content, and content warnings in the first paragraph of the email.

In the second paragraph please include a written account of what value it has given to you and why you think we should include it on our site. Include links to notable items that you think helps show off the content you are submitting.

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