Mithdoliel Leolana

Race/Class: Half-elf Bard

Hair: Black and rather curly to her shoulder blades often done up in ribbons or other baubles from street children.

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 160 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Physical Description: Mithdoliel is a dark hair half-elf with an average build. She wears a green corset with a white and black blouse with floral print sleeves. Her travelling boots are taupe with tops that fold downward. Her stance and way she carries herself is often closed off, but when she is drunk her mannerisms become very open and friendly.

Personality: Slow to open up. Distant, but caring. Uncertain of her own abilities anymore. When she is drinking it is sort of like a switch being flipped and she becomes lively and energetic.

Backstory: Mithdoliel was born as an only child in the Northern City of Gold where her human father, a scholar of Celle, quickly encouraged her love of stories and legends. Her mother, a wizard in the city conclave, was often busy with business for the city and the two were not close. When she was fifteen her father fell ill with a sickness impervious to magic after a journey outside the city. Her mother handled her grief by distancing herself even further from her family inadvertantly leaving Mithdoliel to care for her father until his death.

When he did pass over she did not linger in her home and instead took to the streets where she quickly became something of a caretaker to other children on the streets. Within the year she was drawn to the tales told by a Tiefling bard within the city. Over the course of several weeks she insisted on being allowed to become an apprentice to the bard. She was turned down repeatedly before the Tiefling, Bethel, learned that she had no home to return to and took her on as a ward. Bethel put Mithdoliel to work caring for the house and teaching her what it meant to be a storyteller. The two became close and it was not long before Bethel allowed Mithdoliel to travel with her on her journeys around the Heartlands of Ifiron.

After some time age caught up to Bethel faster than her ward would have anticipated, and shortly after Mith’s 61st birthday Bethel told her to carry on their journeys with a group of her own and to remember to keep in touch. By this point the Tiefling was in her 70’s. Mithdoliel, unsure of her own metel, traveled eastward hunting legends and soon fell in with a group of travelers in the village Rivertan. Among them were an elven ranger with a bear companion, a human fighter who favoured a warhammer, a dwarven cleric of the god Temp, and a dragonborn wizard with a love of lore and legends.  As the group traveled south they soon heard rumors of a Necropolis deep in the Swamp of the Dead. Mithdoliel had heard some stories in her youth and, despite many warnings, the group chased their curiosity.

They were soon overrun by undead long before they ever set eyes on the Necropolis they had hunted. The last thing that Mith remembers of their third day is looking around and realizing the group was surrounded. She took a heavy hit from behind and lost consiousness only to awaken on the gold road with an unfamiliar wood elf druid standing over her tending her wounds. She later learned that she had somehow been carried out by the bear of the ranger Ryona. Once she was travel ready Mithdoliel and the druid, Faeron Lantir, headed south in silence. It was several days before she spoke and she was basically just following him on auto-pilot. After about a month of travel they reached the oasis city Quine in the Southern Wind Desert. A rumor reached her about the City of Glass, something of a ghost city in the inhospitable Wind Desert. A bit of her old curiosity returned and she slipped away to follow the rumor and in the Southern Spear while Faeron stayed back to investigate something in Quine. There her life with a new party would begin.