Masks of the Dead

After the team returned from the City of Glass, they recieved word from Kat Talnae on a job. Someone broke into a merchant family crypt and all the bodies were missing, along with two of the guards. The sarcophagi were smashed and a pool of blood lay on the floor. It was requested that Aranos from the Order of the Black Skull was brought in as well because of his "expertise" in the subject. 

Some investigating led them to the secret lair of one of the guards who was actually a necromancer. In his stuff contained a letter from "The Scarlet Glove" who completed a job for him. Following up on this lead led them to the tavern called Hagnor's Arse, a seedy place near the docks. In the back appeared to be where people made deals with theifs and assassins. A meeting place for the underbelly of the town. There they met up with The Scarlet Glove and paid him for information regarding his client, who he could tell them was a warehouse on this side of town.

Setting out to the warehouse they discovered one of the missing guards, and he seemed to be in control of a Flesh Golem that had extrodinary abilities. In the fight, Aranos threw a fireball which caught the entire warehouse ablaze. In the aftermath they discovered several coffins that had corpses in them along with the corpse of the Church of Life's Archivist. 

That night as they rested a sudden explosion took place over Nekane's dining room table where Aldwyn Orbrandir made his first appearance. Talking with him it appeared as though he knew the party already. However the night was not over as an Assassin had crept into Nekane's apartment and nearly killed Mithdoliel. The party fought the Assassin off but not before accidentally setting Nekane's apartment ablaze. Nekane went to her family crypt to weep by her mother's sarcophagus after losing several of her mother's paintings. She discovered that it had been tampered with as an enraged Kat made her way to her granddaughters side. It was then that the group told Kat about the Archivist and she claimed that she had seen him that very night. They could speak with him in the morning. They also discovered a secret door that they could not open in the Talnae crypt.

That morning they made it to the Archivists office where the group discovered him alive and well. After some sleight of hand Faeron pricked him with a silver pin causing the Archivist's form to shudder revealing that he was a Doppleganger. The group convinced him to side with the Church of Life after he revealed information about where he was feeding the information he was stealing.

First on the groups list was the Archeologist Althidon Naemaer. He had done some investigating what was beyond the secret door in the Talnae crypt. Upon arriving at his house before he could reveal information regarding it or provide them with a copy of his notes, a small metal ball flew through the window zipping around the room killing Althidon and injuring most of the party. They could not discover the source of the projectile. After some searching of the house they eventually found a secret safe with a map containing the notes.

The last place they were intending to investigate was a hideout that several necromancers were using. Aldwyn used magic to investigate it, discovering two necromancers who were waiting: A dwarven merchant with a suit of armor, and a young elven wizard. Aldwyn discovered that the suit of armor was empty and contained a seal written in blood.

On the groups way back to the Church of Life Faeron encounter a cat that beckoned him to follow. It led the group to the Church of Werno, where they found the Wertic tree that seemed to have a face naturally grown into its bark. Upon giving it some sentience the tree spoke a prophecy before withering and dying. The prophecy was:

The Harbinger of Ice will rise. A Soulless demon's rest will end. Beneath the Earth a plot is planned, to bring the heat of this city to an end.

Before they could investigate the hideout personally, Aldwyn jumped in time, accidentally taking Aranos with them. When Aldwyn returned, it was without Aranos. Until Aldwyn returned the party decided to hold off on investigating further.

Once they returned Mith and Nekane then decided to follow up with Sharia Triskas, an elderly necromancer, to report Aranos' death. There they meet up with the missing guard and Sharia casts a spell on him to make him compliant as they take him to the Courthouses of Scuno to serve his punishment.

Just as they were going to investigate the hideout, a messenger from the Church found them saying that the crypt had been broken into and that Kat and other warriors were already engaging the enemy. The group rushed to the crypt where they found Aaron Elevir. He was accompanied by a white dragonborn with a black spot over one eye, a robed petite figure, and a massive 12 foot tall skeletal figure wearing plate armor. The tall figure appeared as if he was steaming and his armor looked blue with ice. They teleported away before the group could reach them. It was then that the secret door was shown to be revealed. The room both before and in the secret door was filled with spikes of ice, piercing several of the warriors of the church. Once fully inside a fog resided in the large chamber where they found Kat frozen in a block of magical ice.  Before they could attempt to get her out, a massive amalgamation of bodies attacked as if it was one creature. The party destroyed it, causing it to explode into several zombies which they managed to dispatch entirely.

Dispelling the magic ice, they got Kat back to the Church to get to a cleric. The verdict was that she wasn't dead, but that she was comatose and it would take some time before Kat would recover.

From there the group started to research various aspects of what they had found, including the runes engraved in Illuna script on the secret's walls. When the group finally went to investigate the necromancer's hideout, they discovered it to be empty save for a note that the plan was moving forward. Mith has a chance encounter with Sirrus, God of Trickery and Illusion, giving her a clue that what happened to her father was happening in Rivertan. The group also discovered that a member of the Church of Life was afflicted with a strange disease that only seem contracted by use of magic. Lastly Dragnor heard word of a missing noble who is the daughter to Respen Varos. The group has more questions than answers, and hopefully they will discover more of them in The Serpent's Strip.

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