Welcome to Scary as 'Elle!

Welcome to Scary as 'Elle!


Hello all, and welcome to Scary as Elle. I am your host (most obviously), Elle. You may know me from some of our other streams and Let's Plays.

This blog/vlog is strictly devoted to all things horror. I will be reviewing games, movies, and books, and anything else related I can get my hands on.
I absolutely LOVE horror! Anything I can get my hands on! I really enjoy the feel of terror, or being immersed into the atmosphere of a creepy game or book.
I will attempt to review things that are "off the radar," a.k.a. things that not everyone else on the internet is reviewing. I will try to find the diamonds in the rough so that you can have a good time trying them out as well. There will definitely be some oldies but goodies in there, because let's face it - ya gotta start somewhere! Don't be surprised to find some golden oldies (think Nightmare on Elm Street, Cujo, and Turn of the Screw). I take a lot of lead from Stephen King novels, but I'm not afraid to indulge in some Five Nights at Freddies.

I am always open to suggestions so please feel free to comment if you have something you think I should try out!

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and let me know what you think in the comments!